Thursday, October 12, 2017

 I made 3 conscious choices with 3 top record executives who offered me contracts back in the early 80's, not to have sex with them...I didn't even flinch...I removed myself from the situation... I couldn't sell my soul to the devil. After I finally got what the industry was about and was flat out told how women make it and what was expected of me... I made sure that I always had someone with me when I attended any meeting and could tell immediately, when the executive I was with was angry at the "guest" from the start, what his intentions were and got up and left to his hostile and vulgar words. Women, #WAKEUP What the Harvey Weinstein's in the industry do is wrong...AND we all must accept some responsibility and that is...don't be naive when it comes to the upper echelon of the entertainment industry. He's not unique...this has been occurring since the start of the industry. Yes...what he did was heinous... but don't you dare walk into a meeting alone and expect innocence or expect to be treated with respect and kindness...and men too...I know plenty of male friends who went through this...women executives in the industry are not innocent... Every single one of us has a story... so start putting your truth out there...and band together to stops sex abuse and sexual harassment in the entertainment industry... It's the people who think if they don't do what the executive wants they won't make it because that's what they're told. Turn the power small and desperate are they to sink so low...and use sex as a power tool...

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

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Monday, April 17, 2017


Here's an updated financial post I made 5 years ago which is timeless and prevalent information: 
I have always looked at investing in the stock market as a legal form of gambling....if you're going to put money into it, don't put it in unless you have it (don't borrow from someone) and be prepared to lose it, so it's not going to make you or break you. 
Remember the stock market is a roller coaster; It's great when the stocks you buy go up....but they also go down; it's all cyclical. You don't just pull out your money because of panic and fear... if everyone does that...the market crashes...where as if you ride it out with stable the years to might see incredible growth. Use your head and do your homework; Just because people hype a stock, doesn't mean that you buy it..that's why they're hyping it..they convince you to buy and then they've lost and they've made a bloody fortune. 
I'm not into day trading. I want to invest in a company or companies I believe in and keep my money there to grow.
Read...Read...Read....the internet makes it easy now inform yourself, financially. I read everything I could....every publication out there... this was after I asked a relative, whose livelihood is in the NY Financial District, to help me and he refused...I educated myself. Then, and only then should you think of investing.  That's why Business Week interviewed me...I was someone who self-educated and my name and success became known.
I, personally, will never use a "financial advisor"...because in the end, if you're up on everything...they don't know anymore than you do...and now you've entrusted someone else with your money. Take responsibility. Good luck!
(This is my have to formulate your own...I take no responsibility for the financial choices you make)
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Friday, January 3, 2014

The old Larrabee Sound Studio and Taming of the Stew sign!

Via Flickr:
As we walked the dogs today, we noticed the ELEVEN sign had been removed and the original sign for Larrabee Sound and Taming of the Stew remained... I would think Eleven would want to try to find a collector of Los Angeles History that would be interested in purchasing the sign as opposed to covering it up's kin of cool. Taming of the Stew was part vegetarian and part British Restaurant and even had Bubble and Squeak (friend leftovers) on the menu located on the North West Corner of Larrabee and Santa Monica Blvd where Revolver is now.
Larrabee Sound Studio was across the street on the North East corner and every major artist in town recorded there...It began as a “mom and pop” business when, back in 1969, music producer Jackie Mills and his wife, Dolores, purchased a two-room, 16-track facility from songwriter Gerry Goffin which actually was an old bank building.

West Hollywood, CA (Jan 2, 2014)
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bec canning a jar of apple jam

Via Flickr:
Took a class with Jami Cakes in canning at Urban Homestead in Pasadena, CA....enjoyed it immensely..
©2013 Jami Cakes®/ Rebecca Dru Photography All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Zoomin' out to Fallbrook today to drop off my Suzuki Samurai for Fixin'....

Anytime I travel locally, anywhere I go, I like to research something about the area upon my return, provided I know I'm going to be returning (otherwise I do it before I go)...things I've seen, people I've met and the history of the town.  Today, we went to Fallbrook, CA (1869-) to meet up with my car, which had been towed 110 miles to the only place around that can fix my 1987 Suzuki Samurai JX.  They specialize in that car and the Tracker and all I want is to be able to drive the car again.

When traveling, I usually drive. The toughest thing about me being the the driver is that I can't take pictures…multitasking is off limits.  I see images and moments I want to capture on my camera and in order to capture them, I must rely on the person sitting next to me and hope they will shoot something as I see it.  The other alternative, if possible, is to pull off to the side of the road and grab the image…hop back in the car and continue on. It's kind of hard to do on the freeway but much easier to do once in town.

Today, my first goal was to  get to Petro Works to see if my car had arrived and discuss the details of what needed to be done to make it "like new"…okay…within reason. Once that was established, we had the freedom to drive off and explore, though, we were tired and not particularly in the mood to do much after our plans to get the car in earlier had been delayed by 4 hours by AAA's tow service.  We knew we'd be returning to pick up the car so we just did a quick once over with a few stop; noting the focus on oak trees, nurseries, farm stands, avocados and public art.

Once home and settled, I decided to do some research on Fallbrook to discover that they are indeed, like their sign, the Avocado Capital of the World.  What I noticed even more so was the display of public art.  We began on soon as I turned on Mission Road, whimsical sculptures caught my eye and I had to pull off to look..and the photo snapping began.  

Now that I'm home…I've already researched Fallbrook.  Did you know Frank Capra lived there?  We're going to leave early enough to take an morning drive down LIve Oak Park Road to catch the sunlight streaming through the majestic oaks…check out all the public art spots and snap pix of lovey with each piece…visit the Gem and Mineral museum to see the pink and green tourmaline...have a bite to eat, purchase some fresh tomatoes at Eli's stand and pick up my car.  Driving on the freeway at 65 mph in that toy with the wind whippin' at me…the sun beating down on me…and Lovey following behind all the way home…I can't wait!! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I am sickened by this message from the Kitson Men's store on Robertson by rebeccadru

Dear Kitson,

Who's brilliant idea was it to create these shirts....after the HUGE drug problem in our Country as well as worldwide....why would anyone in your company think this was a good idea to create drug shirts and sell them. Even if you were doing it with humor, it's just not funny and it sends a terrible message....and then to put them in the window only adds insult to injury.  I'm so disappointed in your company...

Personally, I think you should burn this project...take the window down and be more responsible in what you present.


Rebecca Dru

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sisters Lissy Wilson and Rebecca Dru

Via Flickr:
Christmas Eve in WeHO, CA (Dec 24, 2010)
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Friday, June 7, 2013

Lovey becomes part of the mural....

Via Flickr:
La Favorita Bakery â Mexican bakery featuring family recipes from Mexico City (2305 E 4th St...on right, past Soto St)...Since 1971 large pan dulce selection. Known for great chewy bolillos. ©2013 Rebecca Dru Photography All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Salsa Verde and Short Rib Tacos

I just came from Oaxaca...and I love their salsa verde.  I didn’t want to research any recipes...I just wanted to make it with flavors I thought I picked out 6 good sized green and 5 red jalapeños, 2 full bunches of really fragrant Cilantro (sometimes it has no smell or it smells old)...came home...rinsed it off...put the whole bunches right in the vitamix (minus the rubber bands), cut off the stems of the jalapenos..tossed those in...added a half cup of sliced deli pickled Jalapeños with the juice and pinch of salt...a swirl of Mandranova extra virgin olive oil....and flipped the switch to emulsify the mixture.... I wanted the textures smooth and creamy...

The whole thing took less than 3 minutes to make from start to finish and the flavor is incredible.  Poured it all in a quart sized jar and refrigerated it....I took the left over in the vitamix...added a little water and poured it into my simmering short ribs to add just a little kick.

The short ribs....   Took a package from Costco with 6 pieces at about 8” strips.... seasoned them with a little kosher salt...browned them on both sides..sliced up a sweet onion and tossed that in....mixed it around to soak up some of the browned bits from the meat.  Ricky from Palm Restaurant had been so kind to give me a bottle of SKYNNY white wine a few weeks back....and since I didn’t have any chicken stock....I decided I would use the remainder of the bottle (about 3/4 full)....poured it in.....added a few cups of water to cover the ribs...a heaping Tablespoon of brown sugar....the leftover salsa verde in the vitamix jar cleaned out with a little water....some red pepper flakes.... turned up the heat to boil.....then turned it down to simmer for hours....leaving the cover on but open about 2”....

4 hours later....tossed two corn tortillas over an open flame to heat up...added a little short ribs on each....a line of salsa verde across...and YUMMILICIOUS it was!!!...along with a little fresh sliced pineapple...

So quick and easy!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Whenever I go to a new doctor....

Whenever I go to a new doctor, I always start with this...."Hello Doctor, It's nice to meet you.  I need to say a few things first.   Firstly, I'm not a big fan of doctors...I've had some horrible experiences, so this is what I need from you.  I need a doctor who will treat me with respect; a doctor with a heart, who's kind, caring and compassionate.  I need a doctor who'll speak to me in layman's terms and explain everthing to me so I understand exactly what's going on.   I need a doctor who is a human being and doesn't think he's god.  If you can give me that and your time, then let's continue.  If not, I'll turn around and walk out the door." Generally, it catches them so off guard that they soften right up and are totally different than had I not said this.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jami Cakes on Red Bubble

+Chef Jami Cakes  has a new site and will be adding one new photo a week..check it out! Just click on this space to open the window....

Monday, November 5, 2012

Digitally Archive Precious Photos and Important Documents

I hear this over and over from clients..."oh I didn't back up my computer....all my photos were in a box...I lost my paperwork...I'm crushed...I don't have any photos of memories from my past...they were destroyed".  I see it on the news during devastating times....thousands and thousands of people who lose precious photos and are broken hearted;  documents that can't be duplicated, or if they can, take weeks and months of precious time and lots of red tape to replace.  It doesn't have to be this way.....If you don't want to lose your important documents and sentimental photos and videos...please take the time to scan and digitally archive your precious memories. It's such a simple thing to just takes a little time every day to get it done. Make sure you triple save it...whether on portable external hard drives kept in a waterproof case, on DVDs also kept in water proof cases and/or on an internet cloud.  Make sure you put them in 3 different places with easy access so in times of emergency, you can grab it. This way, you will ALWAYS have a copy on hand no matter what happens. Please...make the time...or hire someone to get it done for'll be glad you did!

©2012 Rebecca Dru  All Rights Reserved


Stop…whatever you’re doing…whomever you’re criticizing…or judging…or yelling…or complaining about….just Stop….for a moment…take a deep breath…appreciate that you’re alive…be grateful…   ©2011 Rebecca Dru Photography All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Post Physical Therapy!!

On Jan 25th, I had knee surgery to clean up a multitude of tears in the cartilage in my right knee.  While not a huge fan of surgery, it was time to deal with the pain and the inability to function in terms of my lessening mobility.  Dr. Louis Kwong juxtaposed it to a ripped fingernail; if you don't even it out and file it down, the tearing continues until there's nothing left but chronic pain.

I began Physical Therapy (PT) a week later at Joel Scherr, RPT, Inc (in the West Cedar Sinai Medical Tower) with Ernie de la Torre.  I was weak and severely out of shape....beyond what I thought...

I'm thrilled to be able to use my precor elliptical 546 again adding 5 min. increments every few I start at 35 minutes. I already have my big ball for my mini-squats (That doesn't sound right!).. my resistance bands and free weights; I'll use the bottom landing instead of buying a STEP for now.... I just got my multi-position slant stretch board for my calves, legs and back.... I have a REBOUNDER mini-trampoline for jogging and my Pro Fitter Physio Kit for continuing to strengthen my legs and gluts, both due in any day...and now I just have to look into bungee cords for some other forms of strength training.  The only thing missing is Physical Therapist.  Upon viewing Ernie's pix on FB, my husband stated," Oh, no wonder you like going to PT, he looks like a Playboy!!"  Yes, Honey, he does...but a very married one. 

Here's to building strength and maintaining it!

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I choose "Happy"

It takes more effort to be miserable than to be happy and yet so many people choose misery....  Choose Happy...small steps...start finding moments in your day that lift you... focus on them....laugh...heartily...let go of those who drag you down....get rid of the chaos... Find creative outlets; write...draw...paint...snap pix...sing...and laugh, laugh some more... I choose happy!!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Want to learn a new language?

Do you want to learn a new language...not sure how to go about it?  A dear friend of mine who teaches fact, was my French teacher in 7th grade (A LONG time ago...), suggested to us, when wanting to learn Italian, to label, in Italian, every single item in our home with stickies.  This way, every time we looked at something, we'd see and say the Italian word and start to use it.  Then...learn some verbs, even if you get the tense wrong, start to use it to put sentences together with the items around your home.  Eventually, you'll start thinking in that language.  Lastly, find people in your neighborhood who speak the language and try using it with them....or go visit that country where they speak the language, if you have the opportunity...and use it.  You'll  start to get the hang of it.  Every time my daughter visits a country, she takes a course in the language there so she can keep building up her skills and apply it while there.  Little by little you'll become proficient!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

My Rant of The Day: INVESTING

When FB had their IPO...I had lots of people asking me if I was going to invest....and I thought long and hard about it but decided they were way overpriced...I mean WAY overpriced.  Had they opened at $8/share, I would've dove in for the long term.... but they were 5x's that thanks.  With millions of people on FB....they have definite potential... but for now, it's all air right now.

So here's the way I have always looked at investing; Investing in the stock market is a legal form of gambling....if you're going to put money into it, don't put it in unless you have it (don't borrow from someone) and be prepared to lose it, so it's not going to make you or break you. 

Remember the stock market is a roller coaster;  It's great when the stocks you buy go up....but they also go down; it's all cyclical. Use your head and do your homework; Just because people hype a stock, doesn't mean that you buy it..that's why they're hyping it..they convince you to buy and then they've lost and they've made a bloody fortune.  

Read...Read...Read....the internet makes it easy now inform yourself, financially.  I read everything I could....every publication out there... this was after I asked a relative, who's livelihood is in the NY Financial District, to help me and he refused...I educated myself. Then, and only then should you think of investing.   

I, personally, will never use a "financial advisor"...because in the end, if you're up on everything...they don't know anymore than you do...and now you've entrusted someone else with your money.  Good luck!

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Beauty on my Balcony

Well...we may not have been able to see the Solar Eclipse from West Hollywood today...but we could still enjoy the sun....
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Seafood taco from Primetime Cuisine on Wheels

Yesterday, Lovey and I went to LACMA for a lecture on Latin American Art and then enjoyed the exhibits pertaining to the lecture (will get to that in a different posting).  Being that we keep saying we're going to try the food trucks, this was a perfect opportunity as they're always lined up on Wilshire Blvd across the street from the museum.  One thing I always do with truck owners/cooks/chefs...whatever label they give want to know from where they got their passion to cook and how they have developed their palate. So as I visited the trucks, I asked. I'm only featuring one of the 3 we tried (too full to go on)...because they're the only one whose food fit their passion.  

The first truck is called Primetime Cuisine on Wheels; the owners of the truck are from Mexico. The husband handles the orders and the business and his wife cooks...and boy does she!  She's from a town near the sea outside of Mexico time, I'll remember... (as I want to know what region they come from and are they seaside or inland). We're going to make this one our stop next Saturday...and try some of their other dishes... (and we promised the Hungarian Hamburger guy we'd try a burger and goulash too...  

We also tried the Korean NY Galbi Truck, did not like at all...and the Cali Bhan Mi Truck...his flavor was good but his execution was lousy..the veggies inside were too thickly cut, and his pork was dry and tough which made it unpleasant to eat.  I asked him about how he got into this type of Vietnamese cooking...and at first he seemed incensed that I would ask him..but..I like to know about people's passions....his was from eating it in San Jose....but never had he gone to Vietnam or really studied it.  His bread was good..his spices and flavors were good....I just wish he'd learn how to cook the pork for it...and slice his vegetables thinly...if not via knife..then get a mandolin.  These things make a difference.  I can only wish him well..but I will not be returning...nor will I recommend it. let's get back to the Mexican.....
The first truck we came upon was Primetime Cuisine on Wheels which was strictly Mexican (as opposed to a fusion) so we went up to the window and asked what is their specialty; seafood, with the fried crispy I ordered only one taco to taste.
I'm not going to go into a food writer's dissertation's plain and simple...OMG...OMG....SCRUMPTIOUS...YUMMILICIOUS... I should've trusted my taste buds and not bothered with the other trucks...and just ordered more from them....perhaps next Saturday, I'll see you there!

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