Monday, November 5, 2012

Digitally Archive Precious Photos and Important Documents

I hear this over and over from clients..."oh I didn't back up my computer....all my photos were in a box...I lost my paperwork...I'm crushed...I don't have any photos of memories from my past...they were destroyed".  I see it on the news during devastating times....thousands and thousands of people who lose precious photos and are broken hearted;  documents that can't be duplicated, or if they can, take weeks and months of precious time and lots of red tape to replace.  It doesn't have to be this way.....If you don't want to lose your important documents and sentimental photos and videos...please take the time to scan and digitally archive your precious memories. It's such a simple thing to just takes a little time every day to get it done. Make sure you triple save it...whether on portable external hard drives kept in a waterproof case, on DVDs also kept in water proof cases and/or on an internet cloud.  Make sure you put them in 3 different places with easy access so in times of emergency, you can grab it. This way, you will ALWAYS have a copy on hand no matter what happens. Please...make the time...or hire someone to get it done for'll be glad you did!

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