Friday, January 3, 2014

The old Larrabee Sound Studio and Taming of the Stew sign!

Via Flickr:
As we walked the dogs today, we noticed the ELEVEN sign had been removed and the original sign for Larrabee Sound and Taming of the Stew remained... I would think Eleven would want to try to find a collector of Los Angeles History that would be interested in purchasing the sign as opposed to covering it up's kin of cool. Taming of the Stew was part vegetarian and part British Restaurant and even had Bubble and Squeak (friend leftovers) on the menu located on the North West Corner of Larrabee and Santa Monica Blvd where Revolver is now.
Larrabee Sound Studio was across the street on the North East corner and every major artist in town recorded there...It began as a “mom and pop” business when, back in 1969, music producer Jackie Mills and his wife, Dolores, purchased a two-room, 16-track facility from songwriter Gerry Goffin which actually was an old bank building.

West Hollywood, CA (Jan 2, 2014)
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