Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Want to learn a new language?

Do you want to learn a new language...not sure how to go about it?  A dear friend of mine who teaches languages...in fact, was my French teacher in 7th grade (A LONG time ago...), suggested to us, when wanting to learn Italian, to label, in Italian, every single item in our home with stickies.  This way, every time we looked at something, we'd see and say the Italian word and start to use it.  Then...learn some verbs, even if you get the tense wrong, start to use it to put sentences together with the items around your home.  Eventually, you'll start thinking in that language.  Lastly, find people in your neighborhood who speak the language and try using it with them....or go visit that country where they speak the language, if you have the opportunity...and use it.  You'll  start to get the hang of it.  Every time my daughter visits a country, she takes a course in the language there so she can keep building up her skills and apply it while there.  Little by little you'll become proficient!!
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