Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Zoomin' out to Fallbrook today to drop off my Suzuki Samurai for Fixin'....

Anytime I travel locally, anywhere I go, I like to research something about the area upon my return, provided I know I'm going to be returning (otherwise I do it before I go)...things I've seen, people I've met and the history of the town.  Today, we went to Fallbrook, CA (1869-) to meet up with my car, which had been towed 110 miles to the only place around that can fix my 1987 Suzuki Samurai JX.  They specialize in that car and the Tracker and all I want is to be able to drive the car again.

When traveling, I usually drive. The toughest thing about me being the the driver is that I can't take pictures…multitasking is off limits.  I see images and moments I want to capture on my camera and in order to capture them, I must rely on the person sitting next to me and hope they will shoot something as I see it.  The other alternative, if possible, is to pull off to the side of the road and grab the image…hop back in the car and continue on. It's kind of hard to do on the freeway but much easier to do once in town.

Today, my first goal was to  get to Petro Works to see if my car had arrived and discuss the details of what needed to be done to make it "like new"…okay…within reason. Once that was established, we had the freedom to drive off and explore, though, we were tired and not particularly in the mood to do much after our plans to get the car in earlier had been delayed by 4 hours by AAA's tow service.  We knew we'd be returning to pick up the car so we just did a quick once over with a few stop; noting the focus on oak trees, nurseries, farm stands, avocados and public art.

Once home and settled, I decided to do some research on Fallbrook to discover that they are indeed, like their sign, the Avocado Capital of the World.  What I noticed even more so was the display of public art.  We began on Aviation..as soon as I turned on Mission Road, whimsical sculptures caught my eye and I had to pull off to look..and the photo snapping began.  

Now that I'm home…I've already researched Fallbrook.  Did you know Frank Capra lived there?  We're going to leave early enough to take an morning drive down LIve Oak Park Road to catch the sunlight streaming through the majestic oaks…check out all the public art spots and snap pix of lovey with each piece…visit the Gem and Mineral museum to see the pink and green tourmaline...have a bite to eat, purchase some fresh tomatoes at Eli's stand and pick up my car.  Driving on the freeway at 65 mph in that toy with the wind whippin' at me…the sun beating down on me…and Lovey following behind all the way home…I can't wait!! 
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