Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Singing in a "Salon"

I must say that I'm really enjoying myself singing in these "Salon" type atmospheres. I like the intimacy and the reactions. I like sharing talents...and I like the possibilities. You never know in a club, what kind of audience you're going to have...but in a Salon...everyone is there for the same reason...an evening of entertainment in a warm and friendly environment. On Thursday, I've been asked to do a show for one person. I've recently done a couple of those and it's been lovely...so I'm looking forward to doing this one....and we always follow it with going out to dinner, which is great fun. I'm working on putting together my next Salon...I just finished another new song....just need two more songs and I'm ready.

Interestingly as the result of myspace...I'm getting a greek audience. I know a bit of Italian, French and German....might anyone help me out with a few key expressions in Greek?
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