Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Salon de Rebecca Dru

Friday night I had a group of people over to hear the first selection of songs Susan Santiago and I have completed. I wanted to make it VERY casual in that it's been a long time since I've done this and I wanted to be very relaxed and make it fun for myself. I even kept on my beach garb..my torn off sleeved T and shorts...no shoes. I figured I'd change when we went out to dinner afterwards. I had drinks...but no food.....and that's MAJOR for me being that I love to cook..and people expect treats from me...but I really thought I'd run through the songs and we'd be off for Indian. WRONG! I guess I didn't expect the level of comfort I had nor the patter than ran out of my mouth. I also had invited some other talented people who performed some of their original material and it became an evening of entertainment. My poor friend, Diane, was gnawing at her fingers she was sooo hungry. What I thought would take under 30 minutes to play..ended up taking about two hours....and will become a regular affair. Another friend said she loved the idea of bringing back the "Salon" of the 30's.

The songs went over very well. I'm so pleased with the response and have started working on the next 5 songs. Susan's left me with a stack of lyric as she returns to teaching at the High School. I'm aiming to finish this next group soon and have another salon at the end of September.

I'd like to invite a few more people to this one. I'm hoping my friend, the comedienne can make it as well as my friend who does interpretive signing. She's wonderful to watch...and if I can get Phillip, the angel who lives next door to play for her while she signs, I think it'll be incredible to watch. We all have different talents...what a wonderful way to spend and evening sharing that with each other.

And yes....next time I will have food.....lots of food.

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