Sunday, May 20, 2012

Seafood taco from Primetime Cuisine on Wheels

Yesterday, Lovey and I went to LACMA for a lecture on Latin American Art and then enjoyed the exhibits pertaining to the lecture (will get to that in a different posting).  Being that we keep saying we're going to try the food trucks, this was a perfect opportunity as they're always lined up on Wilshire Blvd across the street from the museum.  One thing I always do with truck owners/cooks/chefs...whatever label they give want to know from where they got their passion to cook and how they have developed their palate. So as I visited the trucks, I asked. I'm only featuring one of the 3 we tried (too full to go on)...because they're the only one whose food fit their passion.  

The first truck is called Primetime Cuisine on Wheels; the owners of the truck are from Mexico. The husband handles the orders and the business and his wife cooks...and boy does she!  She's from a town near the sea outside of Mexico time, I'll remember... (as I want to know what region they come from and are they seaside or inland). We're going to make this one our stop next Saturday...and try some of their other dishes... (and we promised the Hungarian Hamburger guy we'd try a burger and goulash too...  

We also tried the Korean NY Galbi Truck, did not like at all...and the Cali Bhan Mi Truck...his flavor was good but his execution was lousy..the veggies inside were too thickly cut, and his pork was dry and tough which made it unpleasant to eat.  I asked him about how he got into this type of Vietnamese cooking...and at first he seemed incensed that I would ask him..but..I like to know about people's passions....his was from eating it in San Jose....but never had he gone to Vietnam or really studied it.  His bread was good..his spices and flavors were good....I just wish he'd learn how to cook the pork for it...and slice his vegetables thinly...if not via knife..then get a mandolin.  These things make a difference.  I can only wish him well..but I will not be returning...nor will I recommend it. let's get back to the Mexican.....
The first truck we came upon was Primetime Cuisine on Wheels which was strictly Mexican (as opposed to a fusion) so we went up to the window and asked what is their specialty; seafood, with the fried crispy I ordered only one taco to taste.
I'm not going to go into a food writer's dissertation's plain and simple...OMG...OMG....SCRUMPTIOUS...YUMMILICIOUS... I should've trusted my taste buds and not bothered with the other trucks...and just ordered more from them....perhaps next Saturday, I'll see you there!

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