Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bucket List?

Today...I had a private lesson with the lovely and brilliant Wendy Hammers. As an opening exercise...she asked me to write a "bucket list". That was going to be a tough one for me.... I don’t have a bucket list...I don’t know that I believe in them....because I like to live my life that if today were my last day here on earth I am complete. Is there anything I feel missing in my life.... anything I haven't accomplished to make my life full? I love my life...I have everything I could ever want and should I leave....the only thing I can think of missing would be my heart....would be the people I carry in it... I would miss being able to wrap my arms around love....

I’ve traveled to the places in the world I wanted to see.....sure there are always more...but how many beaches.... how many cities... buildings... cultures ... food... can one experience before you realize you have everything that you want inside of you.

I used to dream of singing with a full orchestra at the Hollywood Bowl... I've stood on that stage over a dozen times and looked out at the audience..during one of my husband's rehearsals or before one of his concerts...and now....I don’t care anymore. There isn’t too much more that I want...because truthfully...what I wanted most in my life was love...and I have heart is full.
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