Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Weight On My Back

In the past few months I've dropped 35 lbs simply by changing a few things.. namely, all the women in my family have thyroid issues... and through research, Jami's doc and a friend with a similar problem... I discovered some very simple things. A problem thyroid likes protein, not carbs...and eliminate soy completely as isoflavones destroy the thyroid. I always have been a water drinker and very active, no matter what my size is at present. Basically, it comes down to understanding your body type and the type of foods it needs and doesn't need. Some people thrive on carbs... I don't. I don't eat bread....gave that up after I learned how to make it well. I stopped the rice (my fav) and potatoes (roasted...oh how I love them!)...and pasta.... I have a wheat/gluten intolerance...and that's it. I simply keep lots of protein around...and we're not talking dry fish or skinless boneless white meat that's been broiled dry...we're talking, pork butt, pork belly, steak...dark meat chicken, eggs and of course, fish...some cheese, nonfat organic milk....and then there's plenty of veggies and a little fruit. My rule of thumb...I only eat when I'm hungry...and if I want to use my Sicilian EV Olive Oil...I do! I don't measure out my food... I keep my eyes SMALLER than my stomach...and if I find I need more, I take some. The truth is my appetite has shrunk as a result of what I'm doing. I do have 2 cravings....I like the crunchy baked cheese puffs from Trader Joes and I crave chocolate around my period; those I measure. I'm not going to deny the cravings..but I don't go overboard. I can't believe the level of energy I have and how much better I feel just from that small change. I actually had some roasted potatoes two weeks ago and as great as they tasted...I felt sick...I can't eat them..plain and simple. My walks have gotten longer and harder..I'm doing more hills...and the weight keeps coming off....slowly and steadily...FINALLY.

So here's the last thing I do.... Every week...I fill my backpack with the amount of weight that I have lost and I walk for 2 miles with that weight on my I can remember what it felt like when I was at my starting weight and I never forget what I never ever want to go back to. It's a killer... my knees and feet feel like they're going to give out.... makes me wonder how I lived that way.

Diets don't fact I despise that word used in the context in which most of us know it. Figure out what changes you need to make in the way you eat, work for you want to incorporate exercise into your life....drink that water (10 glasses plus 1 for every 10 lbs overweight you are), keep yourself mentally up...and if you fall...take a look at why...don't play the vicitim...get off your ass and do something as you're the only one who can fix it...and then make sure you try the weight on your back... I even fill it with groceries....

Have fuN!!
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