Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Finished another song....

That makes 15 songs in 15 weeks.... and what a roller coaster. I love the writing process...and yet for me..it's a torturous experience in that, the actual writing of the song is peaceful and almost meditative. A part of me closes down and I just go somewhere deep inside... the music comes out of my fingers and my voice. My husband doesn't understand it, being a traditionally trained musician. I don't try to understand it..I just to with it. It's after I actually write the song when I'm back in a conscious state of mind that the torture begins...It almost feels like my heart is being ripped out..hard to explain. I become more isolated as the song settles in...and then I come back to life....but as long as I have a writing partner, I won't stop. Susan is planning on writing 50 lyrics by the beginning of the summer.
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