Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Salon #2

Nov 2 is drawing near when the next Salon occurs. This is a "by invitation" only affair. I love the intimacy of it...really can't have more than 30 people...I try to keep them even smaller. I've got 8 new songs that I've written with Susan, which means we've been writing a song a week since the last Salon and I'm ready to sing! People have been labeling me the "female Elton John" which I take as a great compliment. I do have one or two spots left if you're interested in coming.

What I love about these evenings, aside that I get to try out new that so many other people participate and it turns into a fun filled evening of entertainment, drink and food. Aside from the margaritas flowing, I'll be serving geléed shots of delicious combos with and without alcohol as I know some guests don't imbibe....and a mexican themed dinner both for the meat lovers and the vegetarians.
My daughter Jami is making the desserts which are outrageous.
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