Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I'm laughing so hard...... my friend, Susan Santiago, who is my writing partner is RELENTLESS....she wants me to put this CD out yesterday and so she's popping up on my computer all day to see if I'm writing and to work on these songs....we've written 3 songs in 3 days ...except for a little polishing.... and she's got 3 more lyrics in the making...... and I have some melodies that need some bridges and some polishing....whew...it's a blast...been years since I wrote like this (like in the '80's when I spent 12 - 18 hours a day!)...barely having time to come up for air....exhausting, refreshing and GREAT fun!

I listen to the younger singers songs and they're all full of fresh young love and hope....and then you get to be my age and all of a sudden the songs are of broken relationships, friends' illnesses, passing hopes and dreams...OY! I think it's time for some up songs. We've both been in marriages that have lasted over 20 years....and I'm more in love with my husband than ever...perhaps we'll write a song about that.....

Ricardo Osorio, who produced my Lullabye CDs is fixing up my studio so I can start recording again...I'm so excited! Now if I can just settle down to learn how to use everything....I find it harder to focus on the technical things that used to come so easy.....but I'll accept the challenge.

Have FuN!
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